How We Price Our Services: A Guide for Prospective Clients

Apr 25, 2023

We offer a fixed price proposal based on estimated work days. Primary factors are the number of pages, unique templates, and required functionality.

Number of Pages

When preparing a proposal, our first step is to establish an outline, or "sitemap", of the pages to be created. More pages mean more work will be required for design, development, and support.

A simple B2B website might include the following pages: Home, About, Services, and Contact. A large, complex site may involve three or even more levels of hierarchical content.

Unique Templates

Multiple pages on the site may share a single template. For example, a product website might have a single template that applies to all the products. This template only needs to be designed and coded once.

On the other hand, a site requiring unique designs for each page will incur additional time and cost.

Required Functionality

Examples of functionality include site search, user accounts, e-commerce, and anything else that goes beyond layout of text and images.

We itemize these functions in our proposal, to show how each affects the total work requirement.

Design Expectation

From corporate to creative designs, higher expectations necessitate additional time for exceptional results.

Before commencing work, we review industry and inspirational sites with our clients, to ensure our expectations align for the designs to be created.

Branding and Assets

A client with existing brand identity has a head start in the design process, especially if this identity is clearly established in guidelines.

Additionally, high quality assets such as photography, illustration, and videos can be used immediately and often effectively in the designs to be created.

Client Organization

Generally, the fewer decision makers, the less time will be required for feedback and approval of each project stage.

Streamlined decision-making processes with clear deadlines on both sides allow us to proceed through each stage more efficiently.

IT Department Requests

We generally prefer to host the websites we develop on our own infrastructure, which allows us to provide end-to-end support.

Requests from our client's IT department can usually be accommodated, but may impact the overall time required for deployment, support, and maintenance.


  • Our pricing is based on a daily rate for the required work.
  • Primary considerations include the number of pages, unique templates, and required functionality.
  • Additional factors, such as design expectations, branding, client organization, and IT department requests, are also taken into account.
  • We guide our clients through the process of understanding costs, and provide itemized proposals outlining exactly what is included.