AI-generated Imagery in Web Design

Oct 19, 2023

The integration of generative AI tools in web design presents novel opportunities, enabling swift concept development and the creation of customized imagery for various scenarios.

Understanding How It Works

Generative AI tools operate by generating images based on text prompts provided by users.

These prompts can range from broad descriptions like "business meeting" to detailed scenarios such as "four individuals of diverse backgrounds in a modern conference room."

Content Requirements for Web Design

Any web design process requires content, which may include original photos, stock photos, illustrations, animations, and videos.

Larger enterprises often possess pre-existing content repositories and allocated budgets for additional content creation.

Smaller companies and startups, however, may require assistance.

Generating Concepts

In the early stages of brainstorming and creative concept development, generative AI can help explore and mock up different ideas quickly.

If the concept is selected, the AI content could be further refined, or replaced with newly-commissioned photography of actual subjects.

Generating New Content

In instances where original content is scarce or cost-prohibitive, web agencies often resort to stock imagery.

However, stock images vary greatly in quality, take time to search through, and are sometimes still not up to expectations.

AI tools offer a solution by generating tailored images efficiently, saving time and potentially surpassing expectations.

Legal Considerations

Images created by AI tools are often legal to use in commercial works, depending on the terms of the specific tool.

However, AI images can't be licensed, and therefore given exclusive usage rights and protection.

It is worth noting that laws around AI-generated content are under consideration, and subject to future change.

Activity in China

Much Chinese forum and social activity is focused on Midjourney.

Accessing Midjourney, including its Discord interface, requires an international phone number and credit card, posing challenges for users within mainland China.

Although local alternatives like Baidu WenXinYiGe exist, they are less popular and may not yield comparable results.


  • Generative AI tools can help agencies develop and iterate through concepts more rapidly.
  • Generative AI can also create perfectly tailored images for specific situations.
  • Most AI-generated images are legal to use in commercial works, but can't be licensed.